The Resilient Minds
Is your past a story you keep telling yourself?

Remember, it's not a club to belong to!

Instead, allow yourself to propel forward and those with resiliency are always the ones that do…

You don’t have to stay attached to a negative experience, you don’t have to stay in your own shit. You don’t have to make it an emotional journey and be strongly connected to it.

Make it an opportunity to rise and turn your “X” Factors into your “Why” Factors…

This is why life is a journey and your experiences are a way to leave your mark for others…

The emotions that we attach to our past can hold us back or propel us into our New Identity…
Join me as I explore the limitless possibilities we as humans create and ways that you can learn, hear and understand how to build a better “WHY” through the experiences of others.

Allow yourself to illuminate through the stories of others, and listen to experiences that will surely help you build your character and the deep essence of who you know you truly are.

Take your charge and understand the need to connect to it, allow yourself to embrace and magnify your capabilities as I share tips, tricks, and stories of what it takes to be Resilient and thrive in life, business, health, and relationships. 
©2020 Eric Balance Holdings

©2020 Eric Balance Holdings