How To Take A Corporate Structure And

Morph It Into A Regenerative Culture

We can Train our leaders as Pioneers
for a New Conscious Shift That can
empower the whole community culture
in your business…


How To Take A Corporate Structure And

Morph It Into A Co Creative Culture

with Sales Performance, Human Connection, and Improved Team Dynamics

We can Train our leaders as Pioneers for a New Conscious Shift That can empower the whole community culture in your business…

Eric Balance is an conscious creator, host, and visionary. He has spent time as a Tony Robbins Platinum Partner, and raised his visibility by consulting top names in the industry, after his spiritual awakening he decided he would return to the business world with intention.

Eric has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, California Herald, Disrupt, and many others. He’s also been featured on numerous podcasts including The Brand Doctor, Warriors of Light, Aww Shift with Anthony Trucks, Awakening Entrepreneur, and The Kim Barrett Show.

Eric founded The Resilient Minds Podcast to raise the levels of awareness in his audience, and to challenge thought leaders around the world by offering them an opportunity to share with vulnerability their insights and journeys, hoping it would allow others to see that leadership is about leading yourself and building a powerful relationship with yourself.

As a focus in heart level intelligence, he now serves the leader in you to expand and create using tech, innovation, Web 3.0, NFTs, Marketing, Art and Culture, as he believe we are all artists and here to express our greatest selves without limits.

Let’s Get Busy Creating A World With Intention, Together.

Want to grow your audience and expand your reach, and create massive sales performance?

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To simplify the audience-building process, Eric has developed an exclusive, Sales Training Focused on:


Community = Common Unity

We are leaders and need to empower the way we communicate with one another. This means, expression, unlimited opportunity for connection, harmony, and boundaries.

We are at the beginning of a Regenerative Movement that is going to redefine the way we do business and looking at the way we create relationships in all areas of our lives and business is a must…

As the 1st wave of pioneers

How can we impact current leaders/employees by enhancing existing pillars?
How can we educate upcoming leaders/employees by inspiring critical thinking and emotional intelligence?
What can emerge by having a forward thinking approach for future leaders/employees?

Lets create impact NOW across all your internal ecosystems by merging and unifying a Regenerative Culture that focuses on a Return to Society. And as a result we will see this change merge into our communities, nations, and the whole of the planet. All By helping the dynamics come from a place of service in your own organization.

Then click below because I’m going to show you how to re-establish a community within your own corporate structure that amplifies the intelligence of the people you have around you and empower them to be the stewards of your business.

And as a result your own economy will manifest because you have done the work internally in your business to build the relationships you’ve always dreamed of.

So you can have more impact, more money, and more time without working harder or worrying about where your team is spending their time but instead being informed on the growth and seeing the business scale because of the dynamics you were able to build as a collective vision.

Can we create our own economy by establishing a regenerative culture that looks after the self?

The business models in old concepts are focused on seeing our employees as numbers and our businesses through the narratives of Profit and Loss Statements. Can there be a more sustainable way to give more and receive more as a result of doing business in a beautiful way?

Where are we at?

We are at a point in our lives where culture has become the necessity for connection and being involved as the creative community that is unified, can be the necessity for us to come together to provide a world centric responsibility as a macro-focused business.

Mental health can be the focus of leadership development. The healthier our minds, the more expansion can be achieved and we can generate a new way of communicating with one another, and as a result with the clients that we want to serve or the public that we want to represent.

The question is how are we willing to communicate…

What is our common vision?

As we are seeing that community around the world is seeking to be immersed in their own co creative experiences as creators of their lives and not as victims of it, perhaps seeing the collaborative experience of business can bring us together to a new paradigm to see the limitless possibilities that we can co create and enhance the potential for our future generations.

Community = Common Unity

This is the new model, we are here to recreate and build something that has no limits, that can amplify through intelligence that we feel within ourselves, so this is not about destruction of the old but rather creation of the new.


It won’t be easy, it won’t always be fun, and you’ll want to quit more times than you can count…
But if you stay the course the results are truly extraordinary
LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO MRR METHOD That will Help you Build what I call Business Nirvana…

How to Generate Marketing Momentum

Eric will show you how to generate marketing momentum in your business. And, how to quickly and easily establish clarity with what you are trying to achieve, capture the desire and fear of your optimal audience, and speak to your ideal buyer by assisting in your level of communication.

How to Optimize Client Reach

He’ll give you the secret how to generate marketing reach in your business through connection and established relationship features, that will allow you to reach more of your ideal buyers and create compelling experiences that will deliver consistent impact for your prospective clients.

How to Systemize Retention

Finally, Eric will teach you how to retain more of your clients by ascending them up the relationship value ladder. You’ll discover how to create “raving fan relationships” who refer others to your business, buy everything you have to offer, and stay in your world. And best of all – He’ll discuss ways to systemize this by helping people speak on your behalf.

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