Bitcoin Series

Episode 1- An Introduction to Bitcoin with Stephan Livera

Released on March 28, 2024


Stephan Livera, a leading Bitcoin educator comes on to emphasize bitcoin’s role as a solution to the injustices of centralized currencies.

The importance of understanding fiat currency flaws is underscored, highlighting bitcoin as decentralized, scarce, open. Standing out from other cryptocurrencies consistently.

Bitcoin’s market leader status remains unquestioned against numerous altcoins, warning against schemes promoting alternative coins.

Our discussion explores bitcoin’s evolution, contrasting its community action against self-serving movements. Bitcoin is presented as an alternative to late-stage fiat environments, promoting long-term thinking and independence from debt structures, and manipulation.

Emphasizing well-being prioritization, bitcoin fosters autonomy and societal sovereignty, providing flexibility for fulfilling careers and business pursuits free from debt cycles.

Participants recognize the responsibility in the shift towards bitcoinization, foreseeing a more equitable and less solution – focused world.

The shift to bitcoins as savings assets will  demonetize real estate, stocks, and government bonds, increasing property market accessibility and reducing reliance on fiat currency.

As Bitcoin becomes the preferred store of value, real estate investors reliant on leverage may face challenges with reduced credit and leverage availability in a bitcoinized world.

The meeting anticipates a fairer cross-generational housing access in a bitcoinized world, reducing reliance on multiple income sources through increased productivity.

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