Episode 170 – The Emotional Intelligence of a CEO

Released on April 10, 2024

In this episode of the Resilient Minds Podcast, I welcome Scott Armstrong, a Former Editor of Arabian Business, a jounalist, and founder of mental – a platform that provides a holistic approach to mental health issues in the workplace. Involved across the world from UK to Bahamas, throughout Oman and onto the UAE, we discuss the importance of a strong corporate culture and the importance of Executive Leadership.

We discuss prioritizing holistic well-being over profit in business models and emphasized fostering mindful leadership to create compassionate work environments. Challenging traditional structures, we focus on promoting collaboration, self-awareness, and personal growth to evolve workplace cultures.

Future plans for Mentl included expanding mental health awards and hosting retreats for authentic conversations in corporate settings. The dialogue emphasized vulnerability, learning from failures, and nurturing self-compassion alongside professional growth. 

Our meeting encapsulated a transformative journey towards compassionate-driven leadership and life philosophy centered on growth, compassion, and innovative workplace practices.

It was amazing to connect with you my brother.
Lets Build the Future of Business.

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