Episode 169 – Why We Must Create Psychologically Safe Workplace Environments with Christine Hassler

Released on March 13, 2024

Join us on this episode as we connect with the amazing Christine Hassler, a prominent coach and speaker, in personal growth, and mental health. Chrisine shares the importance of listening, constantly learning, and creating psychological safety in organizations for productivity and individual growth. Christine emphasized trauma processing, trust-building from early experiences, and integrating past wounds for a healthier present reality. From her experience she mentions the importance of addressing inner child work as crucial component for healing emotional patterns affecting leadership and overall well-being.

We dive deeper into the leadership qualities for personal and professional growth, and how focusing on maintaining a beginner’s mind, embracing vulnerability with compassion, and promoting self-reflection for uncovering hidden traumas or toxic behaviors. 

If more of us as a collective foster safe spaces for introspection, we epitomize the transformation in all levels. Christine balances motherhood with her coaching commitment, particularly through programs like the Elementum Coaching Institute. Her dedication to supporting holistic wellness underscores empowerment through compassionate-driven practices, tapping into individuals’ innate hidden potential.

Was amazing to share insights and connect Christine

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