Episode 167 – Unveiling the Secrets of “Happy Money” with Ken Honda

Released on February 24, 2024

In this episode of the Resilient Minds Podcast, I welcome our esteemed guest Ken Honda as we delve into the profound connection between money and happiness. Ken, a renowned author in Japan with a rich background in finance, shares his insights on the concept of “happy money” and how it can transform our lives.

  • Ken Honda’s background as a successful author in Japan with a focus on the relationship between money and happiness.
  • His extensive financial expertise gained from owning and managing various businesses.
  1. Exploring “Happy Money”:
  • Ken introduces the concept of “happy money” – money that brings joy and gratitude when received or spent.
  • Emphasis on doing what you love, giving to others, and maintaining a positive relationship with money.
  1. Finding Mission and Joy:
  • Ken shares his personal experience of discovering his mission during a vision quest, transforming work into something enjoyable.
  • The importance of aligning passion with profession, moving beyond survival mode.
  1. Navigating Global Changes:
  • Ken addresses global changes, assuring listeners that strong connections and pursuing one’s passions can weather economic fluctuations.
  • Insights into his upcoming international teaching ventures and the concept of Money Peace Town.
  1. Upbringing and Career Influence:
  • Discussion on how upbringing shapes career paths and finding true contentment.
  • Exploring past traumas and pain to help others discover their authentic selves.

  1. Money Trauma and Emotional Intelligence:
  • Personal experiences with money trauma and its impact on business perspectives.
  • Emphasis on emotional intelligence in managing finances.
  1. Meaningful Connections and Passion Pursuit:
  • Finding meaning in life through meaningful connections and pursuing one’s passions.
  • Creating a system to attract financial success while doing what you love.
  1. Sales Approaches:
  • Different approaches to sales, highlighting the importance of being a good listener rather than just a talker.

This enlightening episode explores the profound relationship between money and happiness, unveiling the secrets of “happy money” with the wisdom and experiences shared by Ken Honda. Discover how emotional intelligence, meaningful connections, and pursuing passions can transform your financial journey.

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