Episode 166 – How to Apply Practical Spirituality into Business Environments with Master Co

Released on February 6, 2024


I have had the pleasure of connecting with Master Co live for the first time 5 years ago in London, England before COVID, where he had us gaze into the eyes of strangers, with deep breathing patterns, and energetic work.

At that time in my life, my focus was on money only, and disconnected from a greater source of intelligence, that year I devoted myself to following my heart.

No Matter what it took, or how hard it was going to get… I committed to myself that I would walk the path to becoming aligned within myself.

As I gazed into the eyes of a dear friend, Nikki Sharp, and felt an energy of life within myself, I knew I needed to go deeper, I didn’t know how, but I knew why…

It inspired me to invest in one of the greatest and most expensive masterminds of my life, The Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership. I didn’t know why I needed it, but something in me for the first time told me that I was worth so much more.

With Tony’s ability to connect himself and bring people of great wisdom to come and teach alongside him, I Realized, I knew nothing and was willing to truly focus my energy on doing what Byron Katie calls, “The Work.” 

Today I get to release a podcast with Master Co, who is a leading expert in meditation and energetic practices, shares his journey of discovering pranic healing, and delivers a compelling and profound teaching at Unleash the Power Within which today is aired around the world. 

He explains how he learned the technique to heal his wife’s broken hip and went on to use it to help others. Master Co emphasizes that everyone can access this energy and directs listeners towards understanding and utilizing their life force for healing, relationships, finances, and spiritual development. He also discusses the importance of clarity, meditation as a way to empty low frequencies and connect with higher vibrations, and the concept of oneness in our interconnected world. 

He taught structured and sustainable meditation in organizations to help improve clarity and decision-making so that culture and communication are refined for harmony and co-creation.

Check out the episode as Master Co concludes by guiding listeners through a brief breathing exercise that can be practiced anytime for relaxation and connection with One’s Spiritual Self.

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