Episode 165 – How Alignment with Yourself can Help you Manifest with Matt Kahn

Released on January 28, 2024

Welcoming Matt Khan, who is a renowned spiritual teacher and bestselling author to the Reslient Minds Podcast was a real pleasure. Matt’s teachings focus on love as the ultimate path to self-realization and he offers practical guidance for navigating life’s challenges with grace and humor. Our conversation explores the concept of losing the mind to reconnect with the heart, which allowed both of us to share our unique different perspectives, and you can recognize the magic of two perspectives merging into a unique approach on life. Something seldom done in society, the power of thoughtfulness and communication to get to a similar path is often mistaken and misunderstood by so many, and highlighted beautifully in our exchange.

Matt emphasizes that it is not about completely abandoning rationality but rather reuniting the mind and heart for a more balanced approach to life. He suggests spending time in feelings and understanding emotional needs as a way to cultivate emotional intelligence and strengthen the connection between mind and heart. Surrendering control to the wisdom of the heart allows for personal growth and empowerment.

A profound ethically aligned episode that focus on how we can all implement even more of these principles within organizational culture, sacred relationships over transactional ones to cultivate positive workplace environments that align with spiritual wisdom, and reverance for one another.

Appreciate you @MattKahn, you are a blessed brother.
Lets create magic in this world.

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