Mothers Day Episode – Honouring Mothers Energy with Dr Shefali

Released on May 12, 2024

Happy Mothers Day…

On this special episode with Doctor Shefali, renowned in conscious parenting and family dynamics. She helps many integrate meditation, psychology, and spirituality to break free from conditioned beliefs systems. Focusing on early childhood experiences that shape our adulthood, informing  us all to be mindful of the perceived  limitations we project on children’s minds.

Doctor Shefali stresses that deep personal healing is a must, and to take responsibility of ones self before passing on personal traumas to future generations. Being truly present with our own children, understanding their true essence, and allowing them to self-explorre their creativity are key distinctions we can all implement for one another as adults as well. Her book “The Parenting Map” offers practical guidance on conscious parenting, going beyond societal distractions and focusing on the inner work beyond the superficial “knowledge.”

We highlight challenging personal growth aspects like addressing unworthiness and fears for true healing progress. Living authentically and aligned with our purpose creates a deeper family connection through our presence, humility, and continuous learning. We share how its important to step into our collective responsibility by fostering and nurturing our own individual transformations towards an awakened family dynamic and bridge into  community, and international levels.

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