Episode 158 – How to Activate Mental Fitness in the Workplace with Marc Champagne

Released on November 15, 2023

As I welcome Marc Champagne to the Resilient Minds podcast. We discuss Marc’s journey into mental fitness and his defining moment when he had to shut down his business. This led him to realize the power of questions in overcoming challenges and finding purpose. Mark emphasizes the importance of listening to our feelings and using practices like journaling to train our minds for success. He shares how a simple question from a mentor changed everything for him, leading him on a new path towards personal growth and helping others.

Marc shares the importance of mental fitness and how it can be integrated into organizational culture. Introducing mental fitness practices in meetings and systems, such as taking a few minutes to acknowledge emotions and engage in guided breath work. These small adjustments can have a significant impact on productivity and well-being. The importance of speaking the language of different companies or individuals when promoting mental fitness, using diverse perspectives to engage people in conversation.

Consider the health of your mind: Recognize the importance of mental health and well-being. Prioritize the health of your mind and the minds of your team members. Consider how mental fitness practices can support individual and team performance, creativity, and overall well-being. Make mental fitness a part of your company culture and support your team members in taking care of their mental health.

Thanks for coming on brother.

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