Episode 99. How To Imbue Your Soul With Joy with Sam Gibbs

Released on August 23rd, 2021

As we surround ourselves with ambition, there is a danger of being overcome by the warrior inside us all.

Some people like to celebrate that kind of mindset, but where will it lead us in the end?

If we frame our efforts around the idea of struggle, of domination and power, even challenges we have already overcome can become a burden. By defining ourselves as a survivor, as someone who is locked in a struggle against life, then we will be forever focused on what is coming next, always reacting, and never able to live freely in the moment. Survival mode is no way to live a life of abundance!

Sam Gibbs knows the power a frame of mind can have over our life better than most. After spending years trying to ‘fix’ things that were wrong with him, he realized that beneath all that was an inherent admission that he was somehow ‘broken’ or ‘less than’ others. That kind of thinking cannot nourish the love that we have in our hearts, for ourselves or for other people, and in a world where our greatest legacy can only be love, it’s our duty to amplify it however we can.

We don’t need to be perfect to be happy, we’re born to be joyful. We don’t need to earn happiness and joy, they’re our birthrights. We are not survivors, but thrivers! So soften that warrior’s soul and put an end to competition. Start collaborating, start building something together. Start helping other people to help everybody else. Our creativity will shift the world. Be always beginning, always learning. Be curious.

These are some of the tips that Sam Gibbs leaves us in this episode of The Resilient Minds Podcast.

Sam Gibbs is the founder of Surrendr Retreats. He’s a guide and healer at The Full F*ck Yes Frequency, a thought leader, and a TEDx Speaker. His mission is to show up for men, until they can show for themselves.

“Raise your vibration.” – Sam Gibbs

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