Episode 97. How To Center Your World On A Stable Self with Aurimas Juodka

Released on August 6th, 2021

We all know that ego can lead us astray sometimes, but how can we develop a healthier relationship with our sense of self?

Certainly, denying ourselves and ignoring how we feel is no path to happiness, but always chasing after happiness is a road with no end. Eventually it will leave us totally exhausted, always looking ahead to the next thing, never able to settle, never able to just be present and live in the moment. Regardless of whether it’s wealth, fame, popularity, or something else that we feel we need, there will always come a saturation point for our soul.

So maybe, rather than manipulating the external world to try and make it give us what we need, we all need to become more centered. We need to deepen our connection with our internal world, speak its language, become familiar with it, and then we can tap into it as a source of infinite peace and tranquility. These techniques have been taught for thousands of years as meditation, but these days so few of us are willing to put in the time and effort to really engage with them.

We can be so busy moving forward with our lives that we forget to work on the most important relationship we’ll ever have. The one with ourselves. We all need to learn to enjoy ourselves, with ourselves and within ourselves, the single source of stability in a world where everything is always changing.

These are some of the tips that Aurimas Juodka leaves us in this episode of The Resilient Minds Podcast.

Aurimas Juodka, popularly known as AJ. He is a Founder of Human Optimized, a Co-Founder of The High Performance Retreat. He is an educator, speaker and coach who has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to tap into pristine mental and physical condition through his coaching. Today, he coaches his clients through online programs, live retreats and seminars. His clients vouch for his multi-faceted methodologies which have transformed their mental and physical health.

“Intention is absolutely crucial if we don’t want to end up living by default.” – Aurimas Juodka

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