Episode 94. How To Lead With Organic Intelligence with Julian Guderley

Released on July 13th, 2021

How do you lead? Leadership often gets confused with control, or even worse, domination. With bending people to our will and enforcing our way of doing things, but it doesn’t have to work like that at all. The earth herself teaches us that systems thrive through balance, sensitivity and nuance. We are all part of the planet, so why would it be any different with people?

As a leader, we have two choices. We can continue in the old way, placing ourselves above other people and working them for our own benefit, or we can imbue our leadership with the wisdom of nature. Julian Guderley believes that, like regenerative agriculture, which allows the natural world to teach us how to create ideal conditions for life according to its own unique complexity, we can return to the wisdom within ourselves and grow with the people around us.

By opening our hearts to the unique strengths of every individual, by appreciating the intricacy and diversity of human nature, we can begin to practice regenerative leadership. Bringing people together from across the social, cultural and economic landscape of the world and providing them with the conditions to flourish and express their creative potential allows everyone to find their perfect niche. As a leader, therefore, we must nourish the world around us with wisdom, insight, guidance and support, empowering those around us, who can then go on to multiply our impact a hundred times over.

Healing this world starts with healing its people, embracing who they are and channeling their gifts. This is the new paradigm of natural principles, organic intelligence and compassionate growth.

These are some of the tips that Julian Guderley leaves us in this episode of The Resilient Minds Podcast.

Julian Guderley is a Transformational Leadership Coach, Breathwork Facilitator & Teacher and a Movement Catalyst. He is on a quest to identify, interview & collaboratively empower the key players in the regenerative movement.

“You got to continuously show up and be in the place of self-discipline.” – Julian Guderley

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