Episode 85 – Ever Feel Like Your Living A Nightmare With Maria Betancur

Released on Apr 1st, 2021

Many of us are too scared to see what the future looks like. We are too scared because we think we’re not able to move forward. 

When you know that you’ve done all the hard work for you to get you where you are today, and you’re in love with who you are. There is no more looking  back.


It’s not going to be easy, trusting the unknown is scary. But as my great friend, Maria says “There’s no light without darkness.”, you have to get out of that mindset and build the sacred dreams. 

And this is what stops you from achieving something bigger. All you’ve got to do is believe in yourself, because you’ve done all the hard work, you have enough experiences, and you have learned enough.


The thing that we could and should do is let go of expectations, surrender to what life is throwing at you, start healing yourself, and you can slowly see that change.


With patience and trusting in yourself, you’ll find the balance that you need. And once you find that balance, you’ll win. 


These are some life amazing insights that Maria Betancur shares with us in this episode of Resilient Minds Podcast.


Maria Betancur is a student of the divine feminine who successfully blends her spirituality with her actual business, “The Journey Back To Soul”. She is a full serial entrepreneur and multifaceted modern-day woman.

Join us as we talk about our time in Ecuador and how multifaceted our experience because doing plant medicine and digging feel on multiple occasions. 


Heal yourself first so you can heal others – Maria Betancur