Episode 84 – How To Build A Broad Vision Of The World Through Acceptance And Change With Anthony Trucks

Released on Mar 26th, 2021

Have you ever wondered what life means to you?

Life means whatever you want it to mean, only you know what is good for you and what really makes you happy. Do not allow others to implant in you ideals about what you should do or where you should go. Turn a deaf ear to criticism and external opinions that do not add up to you.

Learn to stand like the giraffe, with your head held high, having a wide perspective of the whole panorama and never stoop to seeing things the way others want you to see them.

Today people expect that we all think and feel the same.

As an exercise, stand in front of a mirror, look in it and ask yourself if you are at that point in your life where you always wanted to be, if you are not, do you think it is time to change? What do you need to change your situation? The most important thing is to decide to do it, accept it and make the real change happen.

As advice, identify the rhythm of your life, that will give you peace and tranquility, help you understand yourself a little more and change your way of thinking.

These are the tips that Anthony Trucks leaves us in this episode of Resilient Minds Podcast.

Anthony Trucks  is a former NFL player turned transformational identity shift coach. 

After he realized that he began taking the necessary steps to reprogram himself from the inside out. He spent years researching, practicing and essentially rewiring his brain on a deep psychological level to achieve the necessary changes to become the person he wanted to be. 

 Anthony became a speaker and a best-selling author, to give back to those, successful or not, feeling stuck, uninspired and hopeless.

If you want to learn to see things like a giraffe, stay until the end of this podcast and remember:

Make shift happen – Anthony Trucks