Episode 83 – How To Build A Successful Business Based On Educational Marketing With Damian Lanfranchi

Released on Mar 10th, 2021
When we are entrepreneurs, most people do not know our history. They do not know why we decided to enter as such, the risky decisions we have made and the situations we have faced.
In every project, there are ups and downs, but it depends on ourselves, to give it direction, meaning and strength, for this there are golden rules that we must take into account.
No matter where you go, what you do, or who you are, you can always go further and run all over the place, as long as you keep pushing harder every time.
The common factor that all successful companies have is helping others. This is the source of inspiration for the birth of so many good ideas that have existed and that will exist later in the world.
On the other hand, every business that leaves the market is because they cannot create consistent sales and this is a fundamental key. In addition to the inability to solve complex situations assertively.
Create educational based marketing, this is about generating an argument that adds value and education to potential prospects.
These are the tips that Damian Lanfranchi leaves us in this episode of Resilient Minds Podcast
Damian Lanfranchi is a former corporate slugger turned seasoned online marketer. He has managed millions of dollars in media buys and has generated multiple millions more. And, now, oversees all of MFA’s paid traffic strategies.
Damian constantly outperforms other big-name traffic agencies in the internet marketing space. Over the last three years, he’s given 11 different “expert” traffic agencies the chance to beat his results.
If you want to know more secrets to have a successful business, stay until the end of this podcast and remember:
I want to start every single day excited to start my day 
– Damian Lanfranchi