Episode 81 – How To Achieve Effective Communication And Rapport With People To Be Successful With Paul Mascetta

Released on Feb 17th, 2021
Times have changed and we are with them.
We have evolved, always seeking to make our lives and our jobs easier.
It is for them that we must take advantage of the opportunities that we have today. The internet offers us a whole world of possibilities, tools, and knowledge that will not reach us if we are not willing to seek and implement them.
In these times the person who is left behind and does not flow with the changes is because they want to. There are no excuses.
The key is effective communication, to achieve it you need to be aware. Aware of your own feelings, thoughts, and actions, but also be aware of the feelings, thoughts, and actions of other people.
Persuasion is a concept that many confuse with manipulation. In school, they teach us to be smart to get a job, but they do not teach us to persuade the recruiter to choose us. The truth is that the education that we should have is to speak to others in the correct way and not just wait for the moment when the other stops talking for us to start doing it.
Vulnerability, yes, vulnerability is an important aspect. Believe it or not, people are more interested and care more about those stories where you show yourself vulnerable than those where you were the hero. People seek to identify with you, create an emotional connection and that is where rapport is born, that powerful tool that helps us greatly to achieve truly effective communication.
These are the tips that Paul Mascetta leaves us in this episode of the Resilient Minds podcast.
Paul Mascetta,
If you want to know more about how to achieve effective communication with other people, stay until the end of this podcast and remember:
When more rapport you have, more persuasive you will be – 
Paul Mascetta.