Episode 78 – How To Get Out Of The Comfort Zone And Figure Out Your Real Purpose In Life

Released on January 11th, 2021
It is said that thoughts can create and destroy many things in our life…
Each one of us through our own thoughts builds a new reality and truth based on the powers of our mind, but in the end, that does not represent our whole life… There are times when you can think negatively and that does not make you negative, if you think positively that does not make you positive, that is why creating a state of awareness is very important. Thoughts are very useful tools that happen but must also be addressed. You are not your thoughts, keep that in mind each day of your life.
All people come to this planet with a purpose, these are closely related to your belief system.
God always gives us a helping hand in times of controversy but does not control most of the things that happen to us, all of them depend on you and the decisions you make. So, it’s time to make the decision and go for your greatest purpose in life, if you still don’t know what it is, start working in order to find it.
The famous comfort zone is always limiting you from the best moment of your entire life. Get out of it now… So that you can advance, achieve your goals, and live fully. Outside the comfort zone is where life is really lived.
These are the tips that Kris Krohn leaves us in this episode of Resilient Minds Podcast.
Kris Krohn is a Business Coach, Best – Selling Author, World Class Speaker, and life-changing breakthrough mentor.
For over a decade now, Kris has empowered people to grow their wealth, health, and personal power. Through his innovative approaches to real estate investing and his powerful Limitless Belief Breakthrough, Kris helps people bridge the gap between where they are and the results they want—the results of their potential demands.
If you want to know more about how to silence your mind and get out of your comfort zone, stay until the end of this podcast and remember:
“The only reason why people live a life of depression is that they practice sadness “
– Kris Khron