Episode 77 – How To Get Ahead In Times Of Crisis And Become A Successful Entrepreneur

Released on January 04th, 2021
There are moments in life when we find ourselves going through situations that we never imagined.
It is there, where comes the moment to reflect, decide, and act. If you find yourself going through a difficult time, start by asking yourself what happiness is for you. From that, you can get down to work and start doing things that make you feel fulfilled, and that in turn lead to success.
Keep in mind that happiness and success mean different things for each person, it is up to you to have those concepts very clear and strongly established.
As we take action, we must fill ourselves with confidence. Everyone has a gift and it is their duty to share it with the world. The more confident you are of what you do, the more valuable you will be able to create opportunities for both yourself and those around you.
Acting without fear is complex. We are human, and fear is felt naturally within us when we do not know or are not sure what is going to happen, how, or where we are going to be tomorrow. Reprogram yourself and do things that scare you, that’s how the character is forged. Don’t be afraid to be and show yourself as you really are.
The time to take action is now, keep in mind that stars are born from moments of chaos.
These are the tips Dot Lung gave us in this episode of the Resilient Minds Podcast.
Dot Lung, ¨The Mother of Social Dragons¨ empowers young creatives, artists, and designers to take over the world and create a living with social media. She has worked on Instagram launches and strategies for clients like Facebook, Wix, Motionographer, Digital Design Days, FITC, OFFF, Ladies Wine and Design Barcelona, Sonar+D, and OCB.
If you want to know more about how to get ahead in times of crisis and be truly happy, stay until the end of this podcast and remember:
Everybody has a gift and is their duty to share it with the world
– Dot Lung