Episode 76 – How To Define Your Values And Control The Ego When Managing A Company

Released on December 28th, 2020
In many cases, entrepreneurs create a company without a base and without a direction.
When that happens, the time will eventually come when they will have to set a direction and argue why. First of all, ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing, where you are going, and if you feel happy with it; from that, you can go directly to your goal. Do not stay swimming in the middle of the ocean, adrift.
Feeling unfulfilled in these cases is very common. The unhappiness of not knowing where you are going and not knowing why you work so hard. People notice when another is unhappy because they are always in a state of frustration. Set your foundations and make it count.
Don’t worry if you feel stuck, this won’t happen to you just once in your life, that’s natural. What you should do is put your hand to action and keep in mind that stagnation is synonymous with growth.
Ego. This is one of the greatest problems of humanity, it is the main aspect that many bosses and entrepreneurs must work on because although it sounds incredible, it is one of the determining factors for the growth of a company.
Focus on what is in front of you and redefine your values.
Working for what you have in front of you will help you achieve your goals, this refers to focusing your attention and your efforts on a single goal at a time.
Values ​​and integrity are things that most people have but don’t know what they are. That is why it is very useful to define your values ​​clearly and implement them in your life and in your work.
These are the tips Sun Yi did not give in this episode of the Resilient Minds Podcast.
Sun Yi, is the Founder & Principal of Night Owls, an award-winning digital branding agency in NYC. This A+ team is known for its tight-knit culture, expert knowledge in branding, copywriting, and high-quality design, as well as exceptional client service.
He has a passion for personal branding and has worked with bestselling authors and world-renowned speakers, such as Mel Robbins, Jay Shetty, and Gabby Bernstein. Apart from household names like the American Red Cross, Spotify, Columbia University, and Swell Bottle.
If you want to know more about controlling the ego and including the values ​​in what you do, stay until the end of this podcast and remember:
 The way to achieve everything in life is by doing the best job that’s in front of you
– Sun Yi