Episode 70 – How To Become Your Own Superhero With Dr. Kien Vuu

Released on November 16th, 2020
We are all born as superheroes, but with time and life experiences we lose that conviction.⁣
However, today it is very important to return to that idea since we tend to misalign ourselves and live with self-generating stress and illness. Do not give your health totally to a doctor because in case you didn’t know, you have the power in your hands to heal yourself.⁣
The reasons why we lose focus and get sick are innumerable, but one of the most common is to be misaligned with who you really are, therefore leads you to create bad habits. To avoid this, we must be aware of belief systems, of the things that light you up, and the awareness of love.⁣
Another important factor is your definition of success. Each person has an evolutionary and discovery process that they must go through to be successful. But since our definition of success is not in line with our being and goes behind the ideologies of others, we are generating stress and consequently the arrival of chronic diseases.⁣
If you feel identified with some of the things that we have just explained or you already suffer from a disease such as diabetes, overweight, or high blood pressure, do not worry, we will teach you to heal yourself through the HERO methodology, developed by Dr. Kien Vuu.⁣
The process to begin to improve your health and that each cell of your body works well, is taken into account by the HERO:⁣
H (Hunger): The fuel we need for almost everything in life is the Hunger, always wanting to go for something else and understanding why it is necessary for us to change our habits.⁣
E (Energy): With this, we seek to master the bioenergetics elements, in order to not get a chronic disease.⁣
R (Reclamation): At this point, we need to claim the person with energy, claim the person who was at his maximum level of full health.⁣
O (Optimize): To achieve the change that we want so much so that our body, our cells work well, without them we do the same.⁣
These are the recommendations that Dr. V superhero Kien Vuu leaves us.⁣
Dr. Kien Vuu a concierge performance and longevity physician specializing in human optimization and regenerative medicine, media expert, and author. He envisions a world full of healthy humans who are fully contributing their gifts to humanity with vibrant health and vitality. His vision not only stems from the miraculous recoveries he has witnessed as a physician but from overcoming chronic disease himself. ⁣
If you want to become your own superhero, stay until the end of this podcast and remember:⁣
Become the Hero of your destiny…⁣
– Kien Vuu