Episode 60 – How To Take Risks Today So That Your Tomorrow Becomes The Best Moment In Life with Jonny Mitchell.⁣

Released on September 25, 2020
In life many times we are presented with situations where we must decide whether to give up or try again, sometimes we must dare to change the process, but not the goal.⁣ 
In those cases it is necessary to trust our instincts, let ourselves be carried away by what we feel will guide us to the goal.⁣
Taking risks, undoubtedly risks are big steps that are not always easy to take, but that is necessary to achieve our dream.⁣
Not to overthink, the more you think about it, the more time you give your brain to think of thousands of reasons not to. Remember that everything starts with the first step, if you have an idea, run with it, and execute it.⁣
Surround yourself with people who teach you things. When we start a company it is important to create a wonderful team that gives us knowledge and a lot of energy that drives us to the top.⁣
Following this advice, Jonny Mitchell with a computer and a purpose managed to create one of the largest trading accounts around the world. Currently, he is using his business knowledge, healthcare experience and, the online influence of over 400k+ followers to make a huge difference in the world by turning his influence into impact and joining Lewis & Liam on their mission to ensure The Coaching Masters makes its mark on the world.⁣
Traveling the world with his laptop under Jonny’s arm, he has created a whole empire. If you want to learn to take risks and go for your dreams, stay until the end of this podcast and remember:⁣
Once you pick out of the wall you’ll never go back.⁣
– Jonny Mitchell.⁣