Episode 46 – How Your Pain Can Transform Into Your Greatest Success with AJ Mihrzad

Released on August 7, 2020
“The higher your threshold for pain, the more success you’re given…”
A powerful quote from AJ Mihrzad who is the author behind the best selling books, “Master Your Inner Game” and “The Mind-Body Solution: Train Your Brain for Permanent Weight Loss.”
AJ grew up in a violent atmosphere and because of this – he didn’t know how to deal with pain and his experiences relating to it, and ended up resorting to alcohol, heavily abusing different substances to the extreme, overdosing, and ending up in the ER repeatedly.
That routine continued until AJ had a near-death experience wherein he was in a coma for a week which made him realize that his life is so fragile. Fighting for his life to live a new dream. With the help of the Doctor that gave him the book, “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle that would change his life forever.
From that point onwards, AJ read more than he ever did and one of his biggest challenges in life is really wanting to find out his purpose and seeking more knowledge. And now he wants to inspire people into action. That’s why he continuously finds ways to reach more people, and support them in their goals and ambitions.
He said that when he encounters people who have different perspectives from him, he’ll weigh it and not shut it out. He discusses that his beliefs are not rigid and can be changed. He’s very open to accepting new information. We are always evolving and the relationships we have are always taking the next step.