Episode 45 – How Your Perspective on Life Determines Your Impact with Sarah Foley

Released on August 3, 2020
Sarah Foley had it all, she was living her best life until one day she had been in an ATV accident that left her paralyzed almost seven years ago that forever changed the trajectory of her life.
Today, Sarah is on a mission to redefine what disability looks like for persons living with physical disabilities. As I connect with Sarah she instills the essence of what amazing and inspiring woman can do when they are committed to heal themselves emotionally and physically.
During our interview, Sarah discusses her life before and after her accident, her journey of self-love, finding herself and learning to see that life is happening for her, not to her, while finding true and authentic happiness along the way.
When she was thinking that she wasn’t going to live a normal life again due to her disability, Sarah’s family, friends and loved one stayed by her side to cheer her up and give her all the positivity and love she needed.
She came to accept that her body was different but that never hindered her to become healthy, confident, and beautiful. Her resilience and perseverance to turn her life the way she wanted and live it the way she sees fit is extremely admiring and inspiring.
Sarah’s goal now is to help those people who are going through what she has gone through and impact and inspire their lives so that they can do so much more while adapting to their circumstances. Her name, Vertical Blonde, also means to stand straight and strong despite the struggles going on your way.