Episode 43 – How to Live as Happy and Abundant Entrepreneur with David Meltzer 

Released on July 27, 2020
Today, I am speaking to the man who wants to empower over 1 billion people to be happy, David Meltzer. He shares his journey that has led him to live his most happy life.
He says, to be resilient, you have to be used to being stuck – and being stuck means that you are growing.
He suggests people take the time and ask themselves, “What do I want to experience in my life today?” His philosophy is, the more he receives, the more he gives. A key lesson he learned in his life is to never ask the universe.
He has learned how to identify where he gets in his own way and how he is able to now identify his ego, which he calls the Ferocious Buddha. He is on a mission to stop getting in his own way and creating multiple problems for himself. Learn how he identifies to stop these obstacles that he used to allow.
David shares the three different worlds of an entrepreneur – not enough, just enough for yourself (don’t need to impress people) and abundance. He says he allows things to come through with an appreciation. You need to have the capability of seeing your growth and acceleration.
You need to have faith, humility and trust to stay consistent and in persistent pursuit of your potential during your journey as an entrepreneur. Don’t lose patience and faith and just enjoy the journey along the way.