Episode 41 – How Your Past Does Not Have to Equal Your Future with Shea Hillenbrand

Released on July 20, 2020
Once you identify who you are, you unleash that talent inside of you.
And this is exactly what Shea Hillenbrand did.
He was at the top of his game 6 years ago… or at least he thought he was, until he decided to walk away from it all. He knew it was the answer to stop the pain that has accompanied him for most of his life – pain that stemmed from seeking constant approval from his father.
Shea talks about what he learned from losing it all. His baseball career, his zoo, his marriage and his kids, which led him to find his real passion and truth. His voice; where he now uses it to inspire others to find their voice.
He now helps people rewrite their story and find their true identity. From understanding your “whys” to your belief system, Shea shares the choices and emotions that have led him from living a life of pain to living an empowering life.
Our story is unique to you and you are responsible to make sure you are living from the true greatness inside of you. It’s about identifying who you are and knowing what you are trying to achieve and then figuring out what you want to do within your industry.
Shea says you need to keep evolving and changing with yourself, your business, your relationships or this life will kick you in the ass because trying to pursue your dreams and your purpose is far greater than wondering what could have been.