Episode 40 – How to Use Video Marketing to Create an Influential Brand with Todd Hartley

Released on July 17, 2020
As I chat with media trailblazer, CEO of WireBuzz and the go-to digital advisor for celebrities, world leaders and enterprise businesses, Todd Hartley. Todd has always been a step ahead of the media and digital world and is taking the world by storm. He has talked in front of hundreds and thousands of people, worked with Tony Robbins and is always there to serve his clients to help them achieve their best results.
It’s all about leadership, serving and connecting. It’s about overcoming obstacles that appear and doing everything in your power to get through them and come out stronger on the other side. He says, “if you quit before the miracle, you’ll never see the result.” Learn how his team has been able to constantly serve their growing clientele and how you can do the same, while still delivering top-notch content.
He tells you why you need to be using video to Convince and Convert people at faster rates and how you can start utilizing video now. This is a key technique that has put him ahead of everyone else doing the exact same thing, both 20 years ago to today.
In 20 years, you want to be able to tell the stories about how you were the champion during these challenging times. Todd says now is the time to stop shrinking and do the work you need to get done. You can use the moments happening now to transform your life and the people you serve over and over again. 
The choice is yours.