Episode 39 – How to Create Long-Lasting Relationships with Dimple Thakrar

Released on July 13, 2020
Do you find some of your relationships often fall short and you decide to give up?
You may not even be aware you’re doing it and how that impacts yourself and others…
Dimple Thakrar, who is an expert in relationships and helps successful business leaders transform their intimate relationship to achieve a life of fulfillment. She opens up about her own marriage and the pivotal moment that happened at a Tony Robbins event with her husband.
Her husband and herself put an expiration date on their marriage after years of not being connected, which helped lead her to the moment she realized everything she was desiring was right there inside of her.
A pivotal question she asked me was: “Would you want to come home to yourself?”
Dimple shares her best tips to resolve relationships, which includes her “Heart Model,” truth and education. She says everybody has to take their own responsibility in the relationship and understand that they fail because of lack of communication, awareness and role models. Her goal is to end half the divorce rates globally.
Remember, you are not alone, there is help out there and there is hope.