Episode 38 – How to Let Your Decisions, Not Your Conditions, Determine Your Destiny with Rhonda Swan

Released on July 10, 2020
Have you ever wanted to travel the world full time, while building a successful online business without worrying if you are going to lose it all?
Today, I am talking with Rhonda Swan who has done just this. She is the CEO and founder of the Unstoppable Branding Agency. She is also an international speaker, best-selling author and is committed to helping her clients with their brands that are profitable and credible. Her and her family lost practically everything, and she shares her road to resilience on how they were able to overcome this and come out stronger.
Rhonda says being aware and conscious of where you are at and why you are here is one of the most fundamental components to protect your business and yourselves.
Her company is built on her and her families own values, which is freedom, fun, integrity and family. She says when you’re aware of how you’re showing up for others, through your business and company then people will know they can rely on you. You have to be the one showing up for yourself and others. This is how she has been able to create a company and brand that people recognize and are clear about what she does. This is how to get clients to keep coming to you.