Episode 34 – How You Can Adapt to Innovation and Crush it with Brian Kurtz

Released on June 26, 2020
Brian Kurtz runs one of the most successful direct-marketing publications in the world and is responsible for millions of impressions and promotions offline and online.
After going through a stroke about a year ago, Brian has proved to be resilient by coming back stronger than ever. He released his new book, Overdeliver, and is still taking the world by storm. He has been able to shift the way he does his work throughout this digital era and is still able to use the key principles that he used over 30 years ago to how he does his work today. His advice to make it in the business for long-term is to have a series of products that people want because it is harder to get new clients than attract new ones.
Brian uses stamina and his favourite mentors to get him through years and years of being resilient in the ever-changing market of marketing. If you want to know what it truly takes to make it in the marketing world then you have to listen to his priceless advice, which could be the missing link that will take your own business to the next level. He says being adaptable is key.
We discuss how to combine your experiences, knowledge, ideas and eagerness while you learn from your mentors can be your ticket.