Episode 31 – Why Leadership is Your Duty with Gerard Adams

Released on June 15, 2020
For today’s episode on The Resilient Minds Podcast, I am happy and proud to introduce to you a great friend, one of my amazing mentors, and the CEO of Leaders Create Leaders, Gerard Adams.
Gerard Adams is known as The Millennial Mentor, a thought leader, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and philanthropist and his purpose is to inspire other Millennials to leverage their passions to create the successful lifestyles they dream of.
During this talk, Gerard and I went deep and he shared how it was not an easy path for him growing up. When he was still young, he said that he was such a rebel, a misfit and he got entangled with a lot of difficulties leading his life down the troubled path that so many of us can relate to.
Tune in to find out what defining moment changed the trajectory of his life and how he became a self-made multimillionaire by the age of 24, but not without overcoming obstacles, fear, and self-doubt.
As our conversation goes deeper, we talk about failures, leadership, and the true meaning of success and speak to the energy of Tony Robbins and how he says, “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.”