Episode 29 – How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome with Steve Weatherford 

Released on June 8, 2020
In this episode, I connect with special guest, Steve Weatherford, a former NFL Super Bowl Champion, entrepreneur, a father and philanthropist .
Steve shares his story on how at an early age, he started to form an identity of who he was and what he was worth – he explains how he felt about competitive sports.
Growing up, people struggle to understand and recognize our self-worth, this journey can make a significant impact in your life, but it’s definitely not always an easy road.
We go on to discuss some of Steve’s struggles during his NFL career and his moments that made him think so negatively because he thought he was not doing enough, feeling like a fraud, and not giving his best. He elaborates on how throughout his journey, he felt like he was able to achieve that success but wasn’t truly able to enjoy it.
Steve said, there’s one thing that you can achieve that will make you more valuable. EVERYDAY… and it has nothing to do with degrees, dollar bills, or the acceptance of others.
It’s about the opinion that you have of yourself!