Episode 27 – How to Leverage Strategic Networking and Partnerships to Grow Your Business with Gil Petersil

Released on June 1, 2020
In this episode, I connect with a dear friend and the co-founder of MeetPartners, Gil Petersil.
Gil teaches strategic networking as a business subject and has been representing some of the biggest speakers across the world including Eckhart Tolle, Jay Abraham and Tony Robbins. He’s a successful entrepreneur that has co-founded over 20 companies ranging from organic retail shops and restaurants to mobile apps and the leading speakers’ bureau in Russia.
We discuss continuing to serve despite the challenges we’re facing today. If things don’t work, then find another way to serve people, to reach your mission and to attain your goals. Get on the right track and activate your collective genius to get answers and achieve results.
We talk about how we can use this opportune time to pivot and grow our businesses, impact and influence people’s lives online and offline. Continue to evolve and get to the next level, how we continue to show up and push people out of their comfort zones, it doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or extrovert as long as you can help and connect with others.
Gil believes that our WHY should be of service and something you really think of deeply – our WHY should allow us to have freedom and change people’s lives. He shared his experience working with Tony Robbins and how it made a huge impact on his life and business.