Episode 26 – How Failure Can Be Your Greatest Opportunity for Success with Christina Gerakiteys

Released on May 29, 2020
Join me as I sit down with a dear friend of mine, an amazing catalyst for inspiring the impossible and making it possible, the co-CEO of Singularity Australia and founder of UtopiaX, Christina Gerakiteys.
Christina’s mission is to empower and inspire leaders to use exponential technologies to solve humanity’s biggest and grandest challenges with a purpose to facilitate the road to Utopic society by opening the hearts and minds to unlimited potential.
Uncertainty, doubt and fear – these are the factors that hinder us from moving forward to our success, especially in this pandemic. So many are stuck in this constant self-questioning without even taking action to make things happen.
We discuss how to pivot your way and turn things to get better results when you’re facing crisis, problems or challenges in your life. Christina shares how those hardships and trials she experienced have made her who she is today.
You can get through all these fear-factors if you balance everything, taking one step at a time, walk your talk and live in the moment – have that faith in yourself that you can do it, because you can.