Episode 25 – How to Be an Influence, Rather Than an Influencer with Nikki Sharp

Released on May 25, 2020
Join me as I connect with an amazing friend, a former international model, well-known motivational speaker and best-selling author, Nikki Sharp.
Nikki pursued her desire of helping others with wellness, spreading knowledge about healthy living for the mind, body, and soul through her blogs and Youtube Channel. She is also helping companies online, building communities and showcasing their products.
Nikki talks about her experience when she became an international model and how those experiences have made her realise that she was tired of being seen as “skinny” and how that caused her to write a book to overcome her own eating disorders.
Throughout the episode, we discuss how it’s more advantageous to focus on the content and knowledge that you share, rather than the vanity of being “famous” by achieving more likes, comments or followers and comparing yourself to everyone else. Be an influence, who can impact the lives of others and spread what you’re passionate about, rather than being an influencer who wants to achieve fame and fortune without a vision or a mission.