Episode 24 – How to Disrupt a Giant Market with Adam McCurdie

Released on May 22, 2020
In this episode, I am talking to a co-founder and director of Humanitix, Adam McCurdie.
Humantix is a not-for-profit ticketing platform that takes the booking fees, that is usually at the end of a transaction when you’re purchasing a ticket of some sort, and then distributes that money to either funding Indigenous Scholarships in Australia or to their Girls Education Programs.
Adam talks about the goal of Humanitix is to be the leader in technology and in the events ticketing spaces so they can give other people similar opportunities that they’ve had. Adam says that the key component that has allowed Humanitix to flourish is having a good co-founding relationship with Joshua Ross.
In this episode, you will learn how they have been able to turn an idea into an amazing business that is now providing a great contribution to the planet. He says their team is focused on making their clients happy because the happier their clients are, the more likely they will be referred, which means more money will go to the kids who need it. It’s far better for your business to actually care about your clients and stop comparing yourself to other people.