Episode 23 – You Are the Foundational System to Your Success with Brian Donovan

Released on May 18, 2020
Join me as I sit down with one of my first mentors that has helped me change the trajectory of my life as soon as I started in the online space. He has since become a great friend, a colleague, who continues to give me great advice.
Brian Donovan is a ninja in operation and systems, he has consulted over 100 entrepreneurs, build and scale to 7-Figures and beyond, he’s built airtight systems in place for himself, and has supported me develop my own and contributed to my rapid growth.
He shares his experience that has contributed to his path, the road of self-education, that made him very successful at a young age. He says that the people, the places, the opportunities, are attracted into your life, especially if you read the right books.
We talk about how you can avoid creating a lot of mistakes by having the right information and the right mentors. We also talk about the process of creating the ultimate leaders which he shares in his Four Percent Rule framework.