Episode 22 – What Does Health Mean to You with Gaby Piccirilli

Released on May 15, 2020
Join me as I connect with my friend who is also a world-renowned healer, she has worked with amazing individuals like Elle Macpherson, Rob Gronkowski, Steve Aoki, and she’s been featured in The New York Post and on a Netflix documentary called Vai Anitta. She’s the founder and the creator of Regenerative Pathway Therapy, also known as the RPT Method.
The amazing Gaby Piccirilli!
Gaby shares her drive to wake up every morning to help and serve others. Gaby talks about how she is able to use her experience overcoming her own health issues to help serve her clients even better. Even during Covid-19, she has been able to take her business to the next level by adding more of a spiritual experience over the years, and continues to bring mind, body, and spirit to her practice.
Although Gaby focuses in the body on a physical level, we talk about the pathways that lead to the nervous system, circulatory system and how they all work together. Her therapy is so much more than physical. She takes note on how the body’s reaction to various stimuli and the emotional spiritual experience that goes along with it. Each of these paths brings us closer to our ultimate destination or further away so it’s important to understand what is going on in your body.