Episode 20 – How to Create an Integrity Based Business with Scott deMoulin

Released on May 8, 2020
If you’re ready to learn the two ingredients for success then you have to listen to this episode!
In this episode, I speak with CEO of Destiny Training Systems and the co-creator and GM of the very first Tony Robbins Business Mastery Event, Scott deMoulin.
He says success is a combination of doing something you love that provides massive value and quantifying some sort of uniqueness about it. There is always going to be someone else teaching the same thing as you – so you need to find a way to teach it in a unique way.
We talk about the importance of making sure your identity is based on integrity, trust and contribution so you can continue to flourish.
Scott gives advice on if you are feeling extra worried during these times. He says, “you need to stop blaming the situation for any roadblocks and take responsibility. You also need to start thinking on your own and not just listening to what you’re being told.”