Episode 17 – Growth with Gronkowski!

Released on April 27, 2020
In this episode, I am talking to the legendary Rob Gronkowski AKA Gronk, one of the best tight ends in the NFL. We talk about what it means to truly open yourself up to love, energy and emotions. Rob shares his formula to success and how his parents played a huge role in his success, which is a balance of hard work, dedication, support and the willingness to push yourself further in every area of your life. He gives advice on how to keep a positive mindset and how to stay healthy during these times. He tells me some of the unique activities he’s been doing while social distancing. We talk about the important of continually expanding your knowledge and brain, especially during these times. His advice: stop looking at your past stories and start creating new stories.
What you will discover:
– Why you should use masculine and feminine energy to take you further.
– The Gronk’s formula to success.
– Our experience at Date with Destiny.
– Importance in saying words of affirmation.
– How to stay positive and keep evolving your mind.