Episode 163 – Why relationships with yourself matter most with Jillian Turecki

Released on December 30, 2023

During this amazing episode I welcome on an epic relationship teacher Jillian Turecki, and host of her famous podcast Jillian On Love. She has cultivated and studied her own relationship with self and allowed it to shine by enhancing relationships through teaching and writing. 

Her passion for love stems from observing both her parents marriage and deeply discovering what she wanted to identify and understand for herself and her future.. She shares that in depth awareness of how shes taken practical steps into integrating her way of being and is focused on the development and understanding on how to have the worlds most successful relationships.

How often do we take this type of responsibility in our lives to genuinely get curious enough about ourselves so we can really foster great relationships with the people around us. This is a fundamental part of any great way of seeing new perspectives because ultimately the way you see this relationship with yourself is how it will expand into your family, community, and culture.

Join Jillian and I discuss the importance of why cultivating your own awareness will ultimately lead to better relationships in career, family, and romance.

It was a great conversation. Appreciate you @jillian 


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