Episode 16 – Decisions vs. Conditions with Brian Mayoral

Released on April 13, 2020
Join me as I speak with Brian Mayoral about how our decisions, not our conditions, shape our destiny. Brian is one of Tony Robbin’s number one peak performance strategist. We can’t always control what happens in our life, but we do have control of our actions. We talk about using fear to fuel and propel you to live the best life you can. Brian talks about how he spent part of his life trying to see what else what out there in the world without experiencing anything in the world. He says, don’t waste so much time making decisions, when you can follow your heart towards your passion now. We talk about how to recognize what is holding you back and how to change your thoughts so you can get everything you want out of life.
What you will discover: 
· Conditions vs. decisions
· What is the decision of fear?
· Taking action and making decisions.
· Reward system vs. Consequence system.
· How to recognize your fear pattern.
· Creating a ripple effect.