Episode 159 – How Mental Health Education Can Empower The Next Generation with Lyndon Longhorne

Released on November 22, 2023

Meet Lyndon Longhorne as we discuss the concept of failure and how it can be perceived as either negative or even better, motivating. 

We discuss the emphasis and the importance of using failure as a learning opportunity and seeking help when going through difficult times. Our conversation touches on our personal experiences with mental health struggles and the need for open conversations and support networks to prevent individuals from feeling alone in their struggles. Both Lyndon and I stress that these topics should be taught at a younger age to promote emotional well-being and resilience.

As we reflect on the importance of finding inner purity and understanding that everyone has a core essence. We discuss the mental health crises and the projection of diagnoses onto individuals without knowing the truth and how inclusivity and treating people based on their personality rather than appearance or abilities can empower them to thrive in any situation with the correct tools. 

The fact is that there is no need in caring much about others’ opinions, and having compassion for different the different perspectives we encounter, by listening to one another’s unique maps of the world. Lyndon mentions setting goals, maintaining positivity, resilience, strength, mindset, attitude as keys to success in his life.

Lyndon suggests using a traffic light system to identify people in your circle who can support you on your journey. He mentions setting goals, both short-term and long-term, as a way to stay motivated and focused. Repetition and consistency are crucial for developing good habits. 


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