Episode 153 – How to Activate an Organizational Culture that Impacts Your Bottom Line with Satyen Raja

Released on August 11, 2023

On this episode of The Resilient Minds Podcast we connect with a Spiritual Wisdom Keeper and Business Leader Satyen Raja. Satyen shares how his spiritual journey began from questioning rituals in Hinduism and seeking deeper meaning. He explains the unique path of the Warriorsage, combining the warrior’s strength with the sage’s wisdom. 


During our time together we discuss the responsibility of cultivating awareness during uncertain times and encouraging other individuals to explore their true path by examining compromises they have made in life. The journey from ego to mastery, exemplifies a path in peak performance leading to peak existence. Satyen emphasizes the importance of listening to one’s inner voice or spirit, which can be experienced as God, cosmic intelligence, or a benevolent force that unifies us all. 


Society often discourages trusting this inner voice and instead values external validation and success. However, reconnecting with our inner truth allows us to find fulfillment within ourselves and navigate life more powerfully. This transformation can turn individuals from hardworking mules into magicians.


We empahise the negative consequences of being disconnected from one’s true nature, such as breakdowns in family and relationships and follow throught on what Satyen explains that leaders must prioritize creating an environment that fosters wholeness and transformation within their organizations. 


Throughout this episode Satyen shares his personal experience of finding a sense of home and purpose when he entered a kung fu school, and he challenges listeners to remember their own moments of coming home and encourages them to create organizations where this feeling is cultivated regularly. 


Satyen asserts that implementing these principles leads to exponential growth, increased fulfillment, and loyalty within teams. He highlights the importance of unity among organizations for a greater shared purpose, emphasizing the need for enlightenment, unification, and mobilization to make a collective impact on society.


I encourage you to check out this amazing episode and focus on how you can uncover blind spots and patterns that may be hindering success.


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