Episode 152 – How to trust that the Universe is always guiding your journey with Drew McManus from Satsang.

Released on August 2, 2023

In this episode of The Resilient Minds Podcast I sit down with Drew McManus and he shares  about his recent move to Montana and how he has overcome difficult periods in his life. We all always share about the importance of following one’s heart and finding a sense of purpose. 

And the conversation touches on the self-centered culture of social media and the need for young people to understand that there is more to life than external validation. This Nature of going inside can be seen as an important tool for gaining perspective on our place in the world.

Over the course of our interaction we share our  thoughts on being a cultural influencers and the importance of having good ideas to make an impact. Emphasizing the significance of human nature and curating experiences that help people connect with spirituality.

Music is a way to access this ethereal space without chemical assistance, which is why Drew aims to inspire others through his music. He chose the name “Satsang” for his band, which means spiritual discourse in the company of truth. Drew recounts how he heard the universe speak to him during a trip to Nepal and how he continues to listen by paying attention to what resonates with him or pushes him away from things not meant for him.

We go into depth of surrendering and trusting in whatever is meant for us in the human experience. Drew shares personal experiences with comparison and owning his music, which has led to financial stability during COVID-19. He advises new artists to focus on authentic music rather than overthinking perfectionism. 

An avid athlete, we go into a important topic of masculinity and how martial arts can help individuals embody principles of service without ego. As we approach life like a student, we can apply our curiosity to any and all situations.

Overall the power of family and community is a fulfilling and fruitful topic that invites your heart to feel the independence of trusting in yourself and our ability to create. We are all here doing our best and if you live with passion, all is possible.

Trusting in something greater than yourself, is the truest form of living in integrity.

Thank you for your wisdom Drew @satsang

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