Episode 150 – How to Create Conscious Business Practices and Help Everyone Win with Brandon Beachum

Released on June 28, 2023


On this episode of The Resilient Minds Podcast we connect with Brandon Beachum. We discuss Brandon’s journey as a serial entrepreneur and his experiences with Resort Share, which grew to become one of America’s fastest-growing private companies. 


Brandon also shares his belief in the ultimate nature of reality and emphasizes the importance of following synchronicities or “spiritual breadcrumbs.” He discusses how challenges can lead to personal growth and encourages listeners to view life as happening for them rather than to them.


We take time to emphasize the importance of staying open to these experiences, even if they seem intense. Taking time as we want to ensure that entrepreneurs take the initiatives to shift to the idea of self-mastery and choosing how to show up regardless of external circumstances. We suggest that keeping one’s heart open and mastering emotions are key in navigating life. 


Brandon believes that viewing everyone as a teacher on our journey is how we can master emotions as it becomes crucial for personal growth, momentum and self-awareness being the most important factors. 


Finally, we take the time to inform how applying these concepts in business can be beneficial.

All aspects of life, including business and relationships, are interconnected. Growth and expansion occur through these experiences. Setting intentions and being in service to others when pursuing business opportunities, and magnifying and amplifying their gifts is what sets masters of their own reality apart from the rest.


We discuss the importance of all winning in business and disagree with old paradigms of business who believe that one person must win and the other must lose in dealings. We both believe that both parties should benefit and look out for each other’s interests. We take the time to challenge these old perspectives and acknowledge that most people will refuse to do business in the old paradigm moving forward. We are entering a new era of awakening and unity consciousness, where love is more important than force or separation. 


Brandon shares about his book “The Golden Key,” which condenses 25 years of exploration into eight keys for unlocking infinite abundance in all areas of life. He offers the book for free and emphasizes the importance of being present in every moment.


Check out the book and Connect with Brandon.


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