Episode 15 – Be the Change with James Evenden

Released on April 6, 2020
I spent an hour with James Evenden a couple weeks ago talking about being the change we want to bring to the world. I shared how I was a drug addict in my late teens and how I was able to overcome that and, somehow, end up in Australia running my own online company. We have the decision to consciously change, no matter the conditions that surround us. I took the knowledge I gained through life, work and personal experiences to build a company I am truly passionate about. Everything that happened in my past has allowed me to be here today. One of the most important things to me is being happy.
What you will discover:
– Making decisions based on helping your future self.
– What resilience really means.
– Your decisions and experiences lead you to where you are today.
– Turning fear into faith.
– Why you should invest in your own coaches.