Episode 147 – How Business Can Be Used as a Weapon to Change the World with Jack Delosa

Released on April 12, 2023


Businesses have the power to create positive change in the world in a number of ways. Here Jack shares how he has been seeing this happen firsthand since he was a young boy.

He noticed through the power of Innovation, that his parents were able to help youth as he was growing up and create new products and services that can have a positive impact on society and the next generation. 

They were able to provide jobs and support local economies, and by creating employment, businesses, non-profits, and community leaders can help reduce poverty and improve the standard of living in communities. Which was a byproduct of the way his parents showed up as he grew up.

This gave him awareness and he adopted a more socially responsible approach to his overall operations as he grew older. This involved taking some very difficult steps which he shares in the episode that really tested his own structure and resilience. However by stepping through he has been able to reduce environmental impact, support local and global communities, and improve the performance and working conditions of employees and organizations throughout the world.


Overall Jack delivers a very simple and prolific message through corporate social responsibility initiatives, he knows businesses can make significant contributions to social and environmental causes, with financial means and is clear about not trying to spiritually bypass or transcend money. It’s really the relationship with money that will magnify who you are.


Overall, businesses have the potential to be a powerful force for good in the world. By focusing on innovation, employment, social responsibility, and philanthropy, businesses can help drive positive change and create a more regenerative future for everyone.


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Jack Delosa builds businesses. He is the founder of Australia’s largest business coaching and training provider, The Entourage, which has a community of over 550,000 members. Since 2010, The Entourage has helped their members add over $2 billion in value to their businesses. Under his leadership, The Entourage has been awarded the 4th Best Place To Work In Australia, and Top 50 Australasia, by AFR’s Best Places To Work.


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