Episode 146 – How Curiosity can change the Art of Business and Life with Simon Curran

Released on April 4, 2023

In a world that is evolving and cultivating a new generation, its our duty to step into the curious lens of ourselves and be willing to learn from the environment, the people, and the experiences around us.


Join myself and the Senior Vice President of Leadership and Development at Rokt.com, Simon Curran. We discuss the importance of holding space for culture and leadership to thrive by focusing on growth and enhancing the experience of open and thoughtful communication, and how Rokt has honed in this responsibility by curating experiences to provide absolute growth for their global infrastructure.

The primary objective of Rokt’s L&D function is to support and accelerate the career development of the company’s Rokt’stars.

Simon is an experienced CEO and entrepreneur, who after a significant life changing event, dedicated his life to help others access their limitless potential.


Simon believes creativity is our greatest natural resource. Applied well, creativity has the ability to transform the businesses, brands, companies and the communities that surround us. With more than 20 years of experience working in creativity and innovation around the world, Simon has extensive expertise in corporate strategy, marketing, business transformation, customer experience design, communications and creative story telling. Simon shares a specific passion in the contagious culture of high performing teams. He works extensively with next generation leaders, youth, business venturing and the startup community.


Simon’s been an investor and Director in a range of startups and industries in New Zealand and the UK. He’s a Board Director and father of 3 young girls.

Highlights from Rokt’s 2023 L&D Initiatives:

  • 500 Rokt’stars assembled in Whistler for GKO, where workshop sessions were led by global thought leaders on mindset, flow, high performance and nutrition 
  • Rokt is increasing its Level Up training allowance for every Rokt’star, which can be used to choose from a suite of Executive Coaches, personalized specialist trainings, conferences and events 
  • Rokt is launching a new monthly Health & Vitality program – the Five Fuels of Performance – to help Rokt’stars unleash their potential with tips to better manage their sleep, movement, nutrition, stress and energy
  • Refreshing the complimentary food offerings in each Rokt office to ensure the right mix of health and vitality is within arms reach for any Rokt’star 
  • Launching a new monthly leadership training program for all Senior, People and Emerging Leaders  
  • Launching a new content library of podcasts, articles, books and workshop exercises to provide 24/7 access to best- in- class L&D materials 


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