Episode 141 – How Corporate Leadership and CEOs can tap into their own Power with Dimple Thakrar

Released on February 10, 2023

As many of you know Sovereign Leadership is a mission of mine, to really enhance the outlook of leadership and help them empower loving and courageous wisdom for, and recreating corporate culture into a regenerative one. 


This is a way we can truly utilize the power of one anothers wisdom and together redefine what wealth means in this world. Coming back together with a dear friend after 3 years of going on our own journeys, Dimple and I discuss the importance of embodying a true leader. 


What is the difference between true masculine and feminine presence in the corporate world and how by being at the forefront of building relationships it is an important balance to create from within. We focus on the importance of self leadership and how important it is to nurture yourself as a leader in your organization, your community, and your nation so you can show up with full presence, and with a passion for the people you serve. 


For those that serve the higher realms of themself, master the physical one in daily life and are born with true abundance.


Dimple Thakrar is one of the world’s leading Executive Alignment coaches. She is renowned for her unique multidisciplinary approach to helping clients navigate hard times, complicated relationships, and emotional blocks while creating an enduring and lasting legacy. 

Her refreshingly honest coaching style has attracted a wide range of high profile clients, including executives, corporations, and CEOs. Always driven by a challenge, she exclusively works with High NetWorth Individuals to surpass their limitations and reach new heights of success.

Having worked as a strategic adviser on policy and implementation for the European Federation, Dimple has earned a global reputation as an expert, author, and media contributor. 



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